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Interactive Map
Deer Robins Nest 1st nesting Bees Robin Chipmunk homes Spider 2nd (or 3rd?) nesting Wisteria vine nest Owls seen Wild turkeys Wild Turkeys Nest in open garage Nest


Deer walk through here.

Robins Nest

First nest of the season was here on an outside window ledge under the overhang.

1st nesting

1st nest of the season built here.


Bees in some mountain mint.


Daddy robin looking for worms and bugs.

Chipmunk homes

Chipmunk homes.


Nursery web spider.

2nd (or 3rd?) nesting

2nd (or 3rd?) nesting - rebuilt old nest on cornice on the side of the house.

Wisteria vine nest

2nd nesting in a Wisteria vine.

Owls seen

Owls seen here.

Wild turkeys

Wild turkeys walk through here.

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkey closeup.

Nest in open garage

Bird and mice build nest in this open garage.


Nest on inside window ledge of an open garage.