Classroom Connections

As I visit schools around the country, teachers tell me how they have used my books in their classrooms. They show me pictures, posters, charts, letters, quilts, mobiles and more. They have transformed corners of libraries into diners and polling stations. They’ve produced plays with hyperactive little monkeys.

Classroom Connections is a collection of these project ideas which I’ve jotted on scraps of paper. I’ve added a few ideas of my own as well as links to websites you might find useful. But authors are NOT teachers! I don’t presume to offer lesson plans—just what occurs to me as I work on my books.

Click on the book images below and take it from there!


Robin-Watching and More…

Activities: story-writing, mapping—including an interactive nature map of my yard— plus links to useful websites.

Talking About Voting:

Links to websites with ideas for classroom projects and lots of good information about voting.

Desperate Dog Activities:

Letter writing, Story brainstorming, Telling a story with comics

Monkey Activities:

Silly words, Numbers, Drawing monkeys and more

What Do Authors and Illustrators Do?

Thinking about stories and illustrations