Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed

by Eileen Christelow

Clarion Books—2011 Ages 3-6

“Reading promotion at its best, with a little bit of bad behavior to spice things up.”

— Kirkus Reviews

The Story:

After Mama reads to her five little monkeys, she says, “Lights out! Sweet dreams!” But the monkeys can’t resist reading just one more story. . . and then another . . . and another. They laugh, cry and shriek their way through a pile of sad, scary and silly books. Does Mama ever get her monkeys to sleep? Read the story; you’ll find out! (There’s a surprise ending…)

The Illustrations:

I drew the illustrations on the computer, using a Wacom Intuos tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS4.


I had fun with synonyms with this book. What are synonyms? Words with the same or similar meaning—like cry, sob, bawl and weep. What other synonyms have I used? Read the story.

Some Background:

In 2007, Scholastic Book Club asked me to produce a booklet about the monkeys as a free handout. I created a story about reading. But I had to keep it to 8 pages and there was so much more to tell! So here is the ENTIRE story in 32 pages.

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