Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car

by Eileen Christelow

Clarion Books—2000 Ages: 3-6

“Christelow’s watercolor and pencil illustrations show great energy and movement, peppered with just the right amount of silliness.”

— ALA Booklist

IRA/CBC Children’s Choice —2001

The Story:

The five little monkeys

and Mama all know

their old car has had it.

It really must go.

But how can they sell it

and buy one that’s new?

It’s dirty and smelly!

Oh what can they do?

Look at the car on the book cover above, then look at the car below. Can you guess what the five little monkeys decide to do?

Where did you get THAT idea?

From some car-crazy kids at a school in Virginia! We were brainstorming a story and I drew a picture of Mama looking very upset.

“Why is she so upset?” I asked.

Two little boys interrupted, “We want a story about a car!”

Hmmm! Five little monkeys and a car…so THAT’S why Mama is so upset!


The Illustrations:

The hardest part was painting the car! It had to have the same decorations on the same part of the car in each picture.

The drawings are dark pencil. The color is acrylic gouache.

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