Jerome the Babysitter

by Eileen Christelow

Clarion Books, 1985

“The author-illustrator of the blithe comedies about the hero rabbit ( Henry and the Red Stripes, Henry and the Dragon) scores another hit with a side-splitting story”. — Publishers Weekly

“Christelow’s drawings are bright and comical: the story has a brisk pace and the sort of slapstick humor that along with the satisfaction of seeing poor put-upon Jerome come out the all-around winner, will roundly entertain young audiences.” — ALA, Booklist

— Children’s Choice —1986
— Junior Library Guild selection

The Story:

When Jerome Alligator asks to join his sister Winifred’s babysitting service, she and her partner, Lulu tell him he’s too young. They change their minds, though, when they get a call to babysit Mrs. Gatorman’s “little angels”.

“Oh boy! A NEW babysitter!” shout the Gatorman kids when Jerome arrives.

They don’t look like little angels, he thinks, and he’s right. After narrowly escaping one of the kids’ pranks after another, poor Jerome wonders how he’ll ever get them to bed before their mother returns.

Finally he has a wonderful idea…

The Illustrations:

4 color pre-separated art using pen and ink and watercolor wash. This was the last book where I had to pre-separate the art! (Learn about pre-separated art here)

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