The Great Pig Escape

by Eileen Christelow

Clarion Books — Ages 4-8

“Christelow’s vigorous, broken-lined watercolors capture the story’s humor and suspense perfectly…Great fun.”
— Kirkus Reviews

— ABA Pick of the Lists

— Booklinks—A Few Good Books of 1994

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“Christelow’s watercolor and pen-and-ink cartoon-like illustrations do a fabulous job of reinforcing the mood and action of the text… A sure hit.”  — School Library Journal, ★ Starred Review


The Story:

Bert and Ethel grow the best vegetables around. But then, Bert decides they should raise a few pigs as well. “Sounds like trouble to me,” says Ethel. “I’d rather stick with turnips.” But Bert brings home six little piglets, and they aren’t much bother until the day Bert decides they’ve grown big enough to sell at the market. That’s when the squealing and oinking begin, and so does the trouble —from a hard time loading the truck, to a big surprise at the market. What has happened to those pigs? Well, their secret is hilariously revealed when our hapless farmers receive a mysterious postcard from Florida!

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