The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner

by Eileen Christelow

Clarion Books, 1986

“…Christelow”s energetic, jocular drawings, brightened with jelly bean colors, add zest to this comic piece.” — ALA Booklist

— Reading Rainbow
— Children’s Choice —1987

The Story:

Diamond robbers are in town! Glenda Feathers hears the news over the radio and hurries to warn her friend, Lola, co-owner of the Diamond Dog Diner. (Lola always wears diamonds when she’s cooking. Otherwise the muffins won’t rise and the eggs won’t scramble.)

Where to hide the diamonds? Glenda has just delivered some eggs. “Poke a hole in the tops and bottoms of these eggs,” she suggests. “Blow out the yolks and whites, stick the diamonds in, cover the holes with white glue. Put the eggs in the refrigerator and no one will ever guess!”

But Glenda Feathers can’t resist bragging loudly about her clever scheme. “Even if someone looks in the refrigerator, they’ll never find your diamonds!”

Unfortunately she is overheard — by the jewel thieves!

When they discover the eggs have diamonds in them, they decide that Glenda Feathers is a special sort of chicken. They kidnap her, hoping she will lay more of the extraordinary eggs.

The madcap action never lets up as Glenda Feathers matches wits with the robbers. It’s a zany adventure in ‘fowl’ play.

The Illustrations:

The line is black pencil, the color is a watercolor wash heightened with color pencil. This is the first book where I did not have to pre-separate the art!

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