Five Little Monkeys Looking for Santa

by Eileen Christelow

An Five Little Monkeys HOLIDAY Story!

Clarion—2021, Ages 3-6

ISBN: 978-0-358-46985-8

The Story:

“Santa won’t come
while you’re still awake.
So go back to sleep,
for goodness sake!”

It’s Christmas Eve and the five little monkeys really, really want to meet Santa! They are so excited, they just can’t sleep Not even Mama’s and Grandpa’s warnings can keep them from jumping out of bed every time they hear a noise. After all, it might be Santa!

Do the five little monkeys ever find Santa? Read the book—you’ll find out!

The Illustrations:

I drew them using my computer, with a Wacom Intuos tablet and Adobe Photoshop 2021. Midway through working on the illustrations, I broke my knee. I had to switch to working on an iPad Pro sitting on the couch with my leg elevated.

Can YOU find Santa?

When you read the story, look at the pictures carefully. In some of them you might notice things which the monkeys don’t see.

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